The Rec Book Boston Freedom Rally

Boston Freedom Rally

As all the smoke cleared from the historic Boston Commons what remains evident is how engaged Massachussetts residents along with neighboring state residents seemed to be. Well aware that something was going on in Boston they definitely wanted to check it out.

Once arriving to down town Boston 100,000+ people were ushered happily to have a cannabis friendly experience at one of the most progressive Freedom Rallies held to date.

What is the Boston Freedom Rally?

The Rally itself has been going on for 20+ years and has been predominately promoted and sponsored by Norml, Masscan and many community members focused on inclusion and legalization of cannabis.

Where people partaking in cannabis?

At times the lines through the park looked like flowing rivers of people as clouds of smoke rose up from the hills and into the valley of educational villages below.

As one of our partners Paint N Toke founder Luis Vega put it, “we make history daily and this right here makes it quite evident”.

One of the biggest take aways was that people were still not aware what Question 4 was that was enacted to make cannabis legal  and when stores would actually be open for sale.

For more information on the laws pertaining to Question 4 go to our laws page tab above.

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