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Hempfest 2019

Hempfest 2019 was one for the books literally and figuratively. The United States Largest cannabis festival event lead and created by Activist continues to push against the opposers and this year was no different. Celebrating the Festivals 28th anniversary the agenda was filled with green gold.

Rich Features

The line up for knowledge gain was rich featuring Douglas Fur, Paul Stanford, Carolyn “Mountain Girl” Garcia, Lynnette Mont-eton ShawDon E WirtshafterLeland R. Berger along with many others. Collectively on average each member had 45 years of cannabis production, sale, research, activism and more! The knowledge gain for many was huge who were open to listening. The Hemposium panels purposeful agenda’s really shed light on an industry in a flux of change.

Hempfest 2019 -4Shout Out to Hempfest (the real MVP)

Overcoming big money interest and making efforts to let the local activist and providers continue to exist while commercialism slowly but surely forces its way in has given life to many from the medical community fighting to have a more vocal voice in the commercialism era of cannabis. Vivian McPeak was on high alert and made sure to let people know what the truth exactly was.

Activism where it counts; Home Grow

Hempfest continues to share knowledge with grass roots efforts promoting in state grow that became restricted after its home state Washington became Recreational 4.5 years ago. Don Skakie, John Kingsbury and many others were on the front line sharing how critical it was to have grow rights again with actionable ways to help create the change desired which is to restore grow rights for many who had them taken from them at the cost of recreationalizing cannabis for commercial sale/usage.

There was a strong focus on navigating the industry of recent times with historical roots tied directly to them along with others in the legalization movement that has a deep rooted history founded in activism.


Merchants and Sponsors

The merchants this year were diverse. It was noticeable that cannabis is becoming more commercially consumed, talked about and now invested in. Sponsorships have become more brand driven and area’s of even memorium where now for exclusive member only and not Hempfest members…

The vibe was real, though there was some fake, ultimately cannabis as an industry is growing literally and figuratively.

We look forward to sharing more!



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