A historic year for American Cannabis

Truly a historic time for modern America as Vermont became the first national state within the union to legalize cannabis through an act of the Legislature in 2018.

Historic Date

Until January 21, 2018 all eight of the states that have made cannabis legal for adults did so through a ballot initiatives/referendum process.0

What is an initiative or a Referendum?

Initiative, referendum, and recall are three powers reserved to enable the voters, by petition, to propose or repeal legislation or to remove an elected official from office. In the politics of the United States, the process of initiatives and referendums allow citizens of many U.S. states[1] to place new legislation on a popular ballot, or to place legislation that has recently been passed by a legislature on a ballot for a popular vote. Initiatives and referendums, along with recall elections and popular primary elections, are signature reforms of the Progressive Era; and they are written into several state constitutions, particularly in the West coast of the United States. To do this one must apply for an official petition serial number from the Town Clerk.

Note: Many United States citizens DO NOT realize this legal process that can take place to accomplish things they want to see happen in their state by pushing legislative bills by direct community and state support. As we look at the map above we can see a stark contrast in states that do and do not allow this process.

***Almost all states west of Michigan have the initiatives and referendum option whereas most of the entire eastern portion of the United states does not offer that option…AT ALL

Activist have been attempting to educate citizens on the process which has misrepresented the cannabis plants supporting population for many years. In 2018 we now seem to have a much clearer distinction that can now be understood in the grand scheme of cannabis re-adoption

Thank you Don Skakie.

Over the past three elections in 2012, 2014, and 2016, voters in Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada (and Washington, D.C.) approved ballot questions to legalize cannabis pushed by the people not just the elected officials..

Some note that this is a huge contrast in the divisioning of state processes within the United States on other topics outside and correlated with cannabis impacting healthcare, community engagement, inclusion, incarceration and much more. Once again this is found predominately on the eastern border as illustrated on the map above.

Twenty-four states have the initiative process (list). Of the 24 states, 18 allow initiatives to propose constitutional amendments and 21 states allow initiatives to propose statutes while the rest of the United States remains locked in by laws they don’t have a voice for nor possibly even agree with.

“-Some say taxation without representation others say due process not understood. “-

It would seem from first glance and even more research that most of the east coast has not progressed with the times. Some may argue the case but it seems to show in the field.

Well, the fields of cannabis for this topic.

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